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Please check that your family surname has a coat of arms associated to it by entering your surname into the search box below:-

At Yesteryears we provide historical and heraldic gifts, such as Coats of Arms and Surname Histories, as part of a product range designed to last a lifetime. Products include Coats of Arms & Surname Histories and other exclusive prints and scrolls, along with crystal and glass gifts, shields & wall plaques, Heraldic maps, fine jewellery and timepieces, and an extensive range of other presents, all adorned with your chosen Coat of Arms.

These unique and personalised products are not available on the high street, and make that perfect gift for anyone with an interest in their Coat of Arms or Family Name History. All products are quality keepsakes that appeal to people of all ages to display with pride and pass onto future generations.



If it’s listed, please visit our online shop and choose a Coat of Arms & Surname History scroll, and/ or any other of our fantastic, unique and personalised gifts. Any queries you may have, or for any further information, please phone +44 7999426987, or email us at [email protected].

Example Coat of Arms

Our Most Popular Heraldic Products

Coat of Arms & Surname History

surname-historyThis is Yesteryear’s most popular product – a full colour rendition of your Coat of Arms, together with your authentic surname history at the bottom of the scroll.

Beautiful border graphics complement the Coat of Arms.

Each Scroll is printed on a sheet of A3 parchment paper, with an individual certificate number and a gold seal guaranteeing the authenticity. A bibliography detailing where we find out the information is printed on the back and is a great place to start if you are looking to research your name in any more depth.

The perfect gift for any occasion.

Choose from – scroll only @£19.50, or the framed option for £33.50.


Anniversary Double – The Double Coat of Arms Scroll

Printed on a sheet of A3 parchment paper, featuring two Coats of Arms side by side – the Anniversary Double is an exciting personalised gift option, perfect for weddings and anniversaries.

The message at the bottom can be customised to suit the occasion and beautiful border
graphics enhance the Coats of Arms on the Anniversary Scroll’.

Choose from – scroll only @£24.50, or the framed option for £39.50.


Brief History of Heraldry

Heraldry is the art and science of designing and using a coat of arms. The study of coats of arms is also called armory. The practice of using distinct markings on a person’s shield started in the Middle Ages, when a knight’s helmet covered his face, making everybody look the same in battle.

At first, only knights and nobility had coats of arms, but in the Middle Ages, some cities started using heraldry too. By the end of the Middle Ages, other people began using coats of arms, now called burgher arms, which means they belong to a regular person and not a member of the nobility. An official in charge of approving and recording coats of arms is called a herald.

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